X5 Pekka Strategy!

Hey hey hey! The Pekka card is currently one of the most sought after Clash Royale card and its not really surprising what with the humongous HP of this bad boy. If you have a Pekka card and dont know how to use him well, check out our Pekka Overwhelming Deck build and see if this is the kind of deck for you. Its less than 4 average elixir cost and easy to learn. For this post however, I would like to share with you a strategy that allows one to put 5 Pekkas on the board! You read that right! Its not 2, not 3 but 5 Pekkas!

So I am not really sure if this is a good idea to do on actual battle but it really is doable on a controlled environment such as playing with a guild mate or your friends where they can just let you prepare everything needed to summon the 5 Pekkas. On a real battle however, it might be hard but hey you guys are welcome to try and tell us what the results are.

clash royale pekka strategy

So in order for this strategy to work, you need to have a Pekka card (of course), Mirror Card and Elixir Collector Card. Pekka card costs 7 elixirs so to get 5 of them on the battle field, you will need tons of elixirs and the Elixir Collect is the only card that can provide you with the needed elixirs. The Mirror card allows you to re-summon the last card that you used, so if you summoned Pekka, you can summon another 1 immediately using the mirror card. Just do the same thing again to summon  4 Pekkas and before the time runs out, you will still have time to summon one more. Check out the video below by Godson to better understand how this strategy works.

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