X-Bow Control Deck Build

Hey guys! Its time for another deck spotlight and this time, the deck that I will be introducing uses one of the most annoying cards in the game and every time you see it being played, you would feel a bit scared and anxious to destroy it as fast as you can. I am referring to the X-Bow of course. For experts on top of the rankings, they no longer worry about it too much because they all have counters for it but for mid to low rankers, seeing your enemy use an X-Bow is quite scary.

If you luckily have this card then check out this Clash Royale deck build and see if you can build it and win tons of games with it. Ive been playing this for a while now and with it, it helped me reach 2100 trophies from 1900. Thats a pretty good jump. Before this deck, I was using my personal favorite, 1 Tower Win Clash Royale deck and it was a lot of fun to use but unfortunately, its limit seems to be until 1,900 trophies only. If youre on the mid or low ranks you might want to check that deck out.



I actually found this deck on reddit, posted by RumHam. I tested it out and it works really well especially since I have higher levels of the cards used on this deck. Credits goes to RumHam for this and if you can, you guys should definitely try this deck out.

X-Bow The namesake of the deck can feel like the most powerful card in the game, yet I rarely see it at high-level competition. This deck is designed to place an X-Bow to attack the enemy Crown Towers and then make favorable reactive trades to allow the X-Bow clear shots. An X-Bow can 100% kill a Tower if uninterrupted, so thats what we are trying to do.

I tend to place them in the middle, tilting to one side (so it attacks that way first), but there are times where putting them in a side lane is the correct play.

There are a ton of nuances to playing X-Bow that Id hate to say there are hard and fast rules. If I draw one in my opening hand, I tend to cast it immediately as a test, but that can backfire if they have a good counter. Late game I tend to wait til 8 Elixir so I can quickly Tombstone or Arrows to protect it.

Tombstone Control decks tend to be very reactive, so Ill start with the most purely reactive card in the deck. Tombstone is used to block Giants, Giant Skeletons, Hog Riders, and Balloons coming for your Towers and especially X-Bows.

I fell in love with Tombstone the first time I saw it block a Princes charge and kill the Prince with the spawned Skeletons. If you take anything away from this article, 3 Elixir Tombstone trading with a 5-Elixir prince is one of the most powerful plays you can make in this deck.

Goblin Barrel Like X-Bow, Goblin Barrel is the type of card that requires an immediate reaction or it deals outsized damage for its Elixir cost. The best time to cast it then, is immediately after they cast an expensive card that will not affect the Barrel Goblins.

A very common example is casting Goblin Barrel in reaction to a Prince, then dropping Tombstone in front of the Prince.

Arrows This is a great counter card to so many things The most common way for people to counter X-Bow is with swarm cards like Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Minions/Minion Swarm, etc. Your 3 Elixir cancelling out their 4+ Elixir every time you cast it is a great tempo swing that adds up over 3-4 casts per game.

If you are playing another defensive deck with Goblin Barrel, using Arrows on their Barrels with negate a huge amount of the damage their decks are able to put out, and you gain 1 Elixir of tempo.

Valkyrie & Baby Dragon A deck cant be purely reactive, these 2 slots are for cards that we cast when nearing the Elixir cap that we are comfortable sending blindly down a lane. They are well-rounded units that are hard to directly counter, your opponent is never going to wipe all 4 Elixir of value out of them without losing something in exchange. If they trade well and survive, they can function as bait for Arrows or Goblin Barrel.

I suppose these could be any two well rounded units like Barbarians or Knights but I chose Valkyrie and Baby Dragon for having AoE attacks while themselves being resistant to AoE attacks. They can function like a 2nd and 3rd copy of Arrows to counter light swarms while surviving to push the lane.

Valk specifically was added over a prior card because of her effectiveness against Witches, which is one of the most difficult cards for this deck to handle.

Minion Swarm OR Minions This is the slot for our swarm card. Giants, Balloons, Princes, Giant Skeletons and P.E.K.K.A.s of all shapes and sizes get ripped to shred by swarms. I prefer the flying units as more hedging against Witches.

Its preference whether to use the lower cost 3 Elixir squad. The Swarm is more value for the cost BUT the whole swarm still dies to Arrows, which opens you up to the sort of big tempo swings we try to avoid with Baby Dragon and Valkyrie. If you use the Swarm, be mindful of their AoE spells.

Rocket Fitting that the last card in the deck is often the last card you play. The ideal ending of a game for you is comfortably safe with the announcer counting down and a Rocket in the air.

Defensive Spawner decks tend to match up well against you, so Rocket becomes a much more aggressive play. It can destroy Goblin Houses immediately and often greatly reduce the lifespan of the Barbarian Huts.

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