Supercell releases Clash Royale

Clash Royale Released If you have been playing Android games for months now, you would have heard of the game Clash of Clans. It has been one of the biggest mobile games on app stores. Now, the creators of that game, Supercell, launched a soft release of their latest card-based, direct competition mobile game Clash Royale.

There are a lot of card games coming out lately and some are even very popular and we think Supercell would one to try to dominate this gaming niche too by using some aspects of their very popular Clash of Clans and creating a brand new but very enjoyable card game which will also be very familiar to their already millions of gamers playing their games.

Clash Royale is really not a sequel to Clash of Clans because it is a completely different game. Sure we will see a lot of characters from COC but the gameplay and demographic of the game is totally different. Supercell has reported that the team working on Clash Royale is totally different from the ones that are still actively developing Clash of Clans.

The concept of Clash Royale is actually very simple. Players need to build a deck of cards from their collection, then deploy them on the battlefield. Each card has a corresponding amount of power for it to be deployed. The more powerful the troop, the bigger power it will take to send them on the field. Once deployed, the units will march across bridges that leads to the enemy territory while attempting to destroy the opponent’s towers before losing their own. When the enemy’s main tower is destroyed, he or she loose.


Currently, the game has only been released on iOS and only on selected countries like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and New Zealand. If you are looking for Clash Royale cheats then this site is for you. Visit us regularly as we will be posting the latest and best strategy, guides, tips and tricks for Clash Royale here on our site. Cheers!


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