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A day after the soft launch of the game, I was already playing it and a few days later made my first deck. I call this the 1 Tower Win deck build. With this deck I was able to get from 1000 trophies to 1700 trophies in 3 days. You may think 3 days is a bit long but if you have work and family to think of daily and just an hour or two for games, this is pretty good, if I may say so myself. Since this game does not have any Clash Royale cheats or Clash Royale hacks then one need to build the best possible build with what one has.

  • Why the name 1 Tower Win? This build is built for the best defense and thus attacking will only last until you have destroyed one tower of the enemy. This is done either from the very start or near the end. So if you can destroy one tower at the start of the game, focus on defending your towers as much as possible until time runs out for the enemy. Based on my record, out of 10, I would get 6 wins 2 loss and 2 draws of sometimes better. Yes DRAWS. If you think the enemy is too strong for you, forget attack. Focus on defense and get a draw. Its better than a loss.1. Giant Skeleton + Archers/Spear Goblins Starting the game, if you have this combination ready, use them but wait until you have 9 elixir cost so you can drop both simultaneously. The archers or spear goblins will kill any minions that your enemy will try to throw at you Giant Skeleton. Success rate based on my experience, 70%. Success meaning either the tower is destroyed or damaged by more than 50%.
    2. If you dont have the Giant Skeleton at the start of the game, use the Inferno Tower instead. This will make the enemy think twice of sending troops at the start of the game. Wait until you have 8-10 elixirs then make your next more. Make sure to put the Inferno Tower as fast as you can and whenever you can.
  • Against Prince If your Inferno Tower is still up, Prince will attack it and it will be dead before it can do much damage to Inferno Tower. If you don’t have IT up, Prince can easily be killed by throwing down Skeleton Army on its path. The army will surround it and kill it in just a few seconds. Works 90% of the time. If your enemy shoots arrows at your army, deploy Spear Goblins or Archers.
  • Against X-Bows They are very annoying if its your first time to encounter X-Bows. You will wish to throw your gadget on the ground and stomp at it a thousand times hoping the X-Bow of your enemy would be destroyed by doing so. Stop kidding yourself. Sure the X-Bow can be a bit annoying if used in the hands of an expert but it can easily be countered by the Giant Skeleton! X-Bows are usually placed at the corners or at the center. Just drop the Giant there and it will automatically go to the X-Bows if there are no other enemies and when it dies, X-Bow will also blow up. Works 80% of the time. Provide backup to your Giant if needed.
  • For most of the enemies, the Inferno Tower will suffice just provide it sufficient backups if you think its in grave danger of being destroyed. Just seeing the Inferno Tower is enough for the enemy to hesitate and have a hard time deciding what to deploy. This is the best advantage that you can have.

    If you’re new to this deck, it may not be as easy to use but once you know how each card works and the best time to deploy them, you will easily win most of your games and earn trophies faster. Of course, Ive only tested this from 1000-1750 trophy. Over 1800, the enemies are more stronger and I have not played much with them so I cant say how this deck will fare.
    That’s it. What do you think of this deck? Have you tried it yet? Feel free to leave a comment below. Cheers!


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