First Official Clash Royale Tournament

We all expected Clash Royale to be as popular as Clash of Clans or even more so, and being as a competitive game that it is, it’s only a matter of time for Supercell to host an official tournament for it. That day is near. The studio announced that it is hosting an official Clash Royale tournament on April 16th in Helsinki, Finland. If you are living there or just passing by the area, don’t forget to drop by. For more information regarding the tournament, check out the details below.

Welcome to CLASH ROYALE tournament on April 16th at Helsinki, Finland! Event is held at Herttoniemi, near subway around ~16:00-22:00 (time to be confirmed).

Everyone at the event can participate in the preliminary rounds, and potentially win! The top 8 guys/girls from the preliminary rounds will play in the finals on stage. The finals are possibly livestreamed!

Whats this all about? Laid back, fun night, food and drinks, no trophy requirements or top ranked clan positions. Everyones invited and the event is hosted by Supercell

Attendees must be over 18 years old and physically be at the location on the April 16th in Helsinki.

Sign up and register yourself by sending an email to [emailprotected]. Please write your in-game name and Clash Royale clan. Gather as many names as you wish, clanmates welcome.


The company announced that for the tournament, Supercell will let the contestants use a special build deck where all cards are unlocked and all on the same levels. Thats the only way it should go I guess for the sake of fairness.

Although this is the first official tournament by Supercell, there have been some Clash of Clans tournaments already and the most popular being the Clash Royale Youtube Tournament where famous youtubers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale battled it out with each other. You can see the whole tournament below.

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