Clash Royale Top 5 Tips for Beginners

So at the moment of writing this, Clash Royale was released just a few weeks ago and I am one of those lucky ones who was able to play on the first day of soft launch until now and have gained some pretty valuable knowledge already on what to do and not to do if you are just starting on this game. For those who are new to Clash Royale and would like to learn about the game first before heading out to battle (which is the wisest thing to do) then let me give you my Clash Royale Top 5 Tips for Beginners!

Tip #1 Spend your Elixir Wisely
Probably the most important tip you would get on this game. Clash Royale is an Elixir game. Whoever spends it efficiently wins the game. Always think before you drop your cards. Try to anticipate what your opponent would drop and counter it using the least possible amount of elixirs. On attacking, just because you can, it doesnt mean you should. Always make sure you have a backup plan when attacking so that if your opponent gets to counter your attack you have some elixirs left for defense or a counter attack.

Tip #2 Make changes on your deck slowly
If you have played the game, you know that you can see players ranking both worldwide and local. Worldwide players are usually already experts on the game so you wont see their ranks fluctuate but on local, its common to see player ranks go up and down regularly. Thats because these players have a deck that they already master and would be able to increase their ranks pretty fast but then they would completely change their decks to try out new ones and of course they would loose most of the time because they are still practicing with a new deck. The wise thing to do is to just change one or two cards from your deck at a time to test out other combinations and still keep your rank or maybe even increase it.

Tip #3 Watch TV Royale as much as you can
To be the best, one must start out by learning from the best. TV Royale is your best friend on Clash Royale. If you are not doing battles and have time to spare, make sure to check out TV Royale, watch battles that involves the top players and see their gameplay, strategies and try to emulate them on your own battles and see how it works.


Tip #4 Do not always do the first move
If you start off with a bad set of cards, do not do the first move. Its wiser to wait out what your opponent will do first then select cards from your hand to counter it but try to do it with as little elixirs as possible so you can counter sooner. Of course, if you have a great hand at the start of the game, its also wise to attack first and pray that your opponent have no good counters for it.

Tip #5 Do not stop attacking after destroying 1 Tower
Of course, this is not always the case just like using my 1 Tower Win deck build where defense is number one priority and the main objective is just to destroy one tower. However, in using other decks, its also good to still push through with attacks after destroying a tower as long as you still know how to protect your towers at the same time. Destroying two or three towers is always better than 1.

So there you go guys! I hope this helps even a little bit especially for beginners on the game. Oh by the way, theres a good chance that you might want to record your games and you dont know how so feel free to check out my guide on how to record Clash Royale battles on both iOS and Android. Till next time! Cheers!

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