Clash Royale The Hidden PEKKA Trick!

Hey guys! So theres currently a trick circulating on the community of Clash Royale that is known only to a few people. Its called The Hidden PEKKA trick. The first person to introduce this trick to me is a friend of mine on our clan. This is not a super cool trick. You might even say its a bit ordinary but theres this Why did I not think of it before??? factor on this trick. Its super easy but very effective especially if you caught your opponent unawares.

As the name suggests, this trick involves using the PEKKA card. Er, not the big guy like on my Pekka Overwhelming deck build. No, were talking about the little guy, the Mini PEKKA. You will also need the Minion Horde card to work together with MP. Now you might already have an idea how this works right? I wanted to create a video on how this trick works but decided to check youtube first if someone already made one. Fortunately, I found only one and that is what I am going to share on this post. Check it out below.

So now that youve seen the trick, what do you think? Honestly, I have tried this and out of 8 battles, it worked so well on 6 of them! Haha! It was so much fun to use this trick especially if your enemy is not expecting youd drop it out of nowhere. I hope this works well for you too! Have fun guys!

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