List of All Clash Royale Deck Builds

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Hey guys! New to Clash Royale and wondering how to make a deck that can help you raise your rank with as little cost as possible? This Clash Royale Deck Building Guide will provide you with tips, strategy guide, sample decks and more! Feel free to post your thoughts at the bottom of this page […]


1 Tower Win Ver 2.0 Deck Build

Hey guys so I am back with another deck build for Clash Royale. Its actually a modified version of the 1 Tower Win deck which I used to easily climb from the 1,000 trophy to 1,800 trophy rank. Unfortunately after 1800 rank, the enemies have a better deck combination which prevented me from going farther […]


X-Bow Control Deck Build

Hey guys! Its time for another deck spotlight and this time, the deck that I will be introducing uses one of the most annoying cards in the game and every time you see it being played, you would feel a bit scared and anxious to destroy it as fast as you can. I am referring […]


Pekka Overwhelming Deck Build

So from 1800, I have now reached the 1900 mark without using Clash Royale cheats, thanks to my latest deck build which is called Pekka Overwhelming! Cool name huh? Just as the name implies, this deck uses Pekka, one, if not the strongest single character on the game. Hes so tough with his over 3k […]


1 Tower Win Deck Build

A day after the soft launch of the game, I was already playing it and a few days later made my first deck. I call this the 1 Tower Win deck build. With this deck I was able to get from 1000 trophies to 1700 trophies in 3 days. You may think 3 days is […]