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If you’re looking for Clash Royale Cheats, Guides, Strategies, Tips and Tricks, this is the right place for you. First week of January 2016 was the start of the soft-launch of Clash Royale. The game was only available for iOS and selected countries which included Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and New Zealand. Many gamers where up in arms all over the web with this decision because most of the gamers who played Clash of Clans and want to play this new game are using Android devices. Even if a lot of them have Apple devices, most were still not able to play because they are from a country that is not part of the soft launch of the game. Thus we provided a guide on how to play Clash Royale on countries not included on the list.
I have been playing the game almost everyday now and have even spent $100 just have an edge on the game and advance faster. Unfortunately, people on the top of the rankings are already way too far to be reached by me and most especially those who are not spending any money on the game. So a question popped in my mind. Are they using Clash Royale Cheats or Clash Royale hacks? Its either that or they are just super rich who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a game that is barely one week old!?

Since the game is fairly new and Clash of Clans is known for having a very good security which prevents hacks from coming out, it would be safe to say that there really might not be a Clash Royale cheats or Clash Royale gem hacks and that the top players are just too rich and can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the game.

So what about us the normal gamers who would rather play the game through luck, skills and determination and a few dollars from our allowances? Is there no hope for us if we there’s no Clash Royale cheats to be found? Fear not for this post will be a compilation of the best guides, strategies, tips and tricks that you will find on the web that will help you advance faster on the game without using Clash Royale cheats or Clash Royale hacks.

Below is the list of the most used and popular deck builds on the game. Feel free to check them out and try them out for yourself. Of course, having the best deck does not guarantee a win. Skills is the most important thing, so if you found the right deck for you, practice with it, play hundreds of games with it until you know it like the back of your hand.

So I hope you enjoyed the list of Clash Royale guides, tips and tricks and strategies that I have shared on this post. On this kind of game, its best not to rely on Clash Royale cheats or Clash Royale gem hacks but instead learn the game and master it and you will be reaching the top of the ladder in nor time at all. See you in game!


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