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X5 Pekka Strategy!

Hey hey hey! The Pekka card is currently one of the most sought after Clash Royale card and its not really surprising what with the humongous HP of this bad boy. If you have a Pekka card and dont know how to use him well, check out our Pekka Overwhelming Deck build and see if […]


The Witch Glitch

Hey guys! Its time for Clash Royale Glitch, Bugs, Cheats or Hacks that players found on the game. Please take note that these bugs of glitches usually dont last long especially if its already out on the public and a lot of gamers are using it. Today lets check out The Witch Glitch. Please dont […]


Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Hey guys! New to Clash Royale and wondering how to make a deck that can help you raise your rank with as little cost as possible? This Clash Royale Deck Building Guide will provide you with tips, strategy guide, sample decks and more! Feel free to post your thoughts at the bottom of this page […]


First Official Clash Royale Tournament

We all expected Clash Royale to be as popular as Clash of Clans or even more so, and being as a competitive game that it is, it’s only a matter of time for Supercell to host an official tournament for it. That day is near. The studio announced that it is hosting an official Clash […]